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Talk & Listen

Talk and listen through the Arlo using the microphone.

  1. From the home screen, navigate to and select the Arlo app.
    device 5195/9007205_01.jpg
  2. Enter your Email and Password, then select Log In.
    device 5195/9007205_02.jpg
  3. Select the Devices tab, then select Live under the desired device.
    device 5195/9007205_03.jpg
  4. Select the Microphone icon.
    device 5195/9007205_04.jpg
  5. Select and hold the Microphone icon, then speak your desired message.
    device 5195/9007205_05.jpg
  6. To listen to the audio where the camera is, ensure that the speaker is turned on.
    Note: An X will appear beside the Speaker icon if the speaker is turned off.
    device 5195/9007205_06.jpg

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