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Safe Mode

Android phones have a feature called Safe Mode, which can help you rule out problematic apps as the cause of your device problems.


What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode allows your phone to run as normal but restricts third-party apps or services from being used. If you put your phone in Safe Mode and no longer experience the issue(s), you've determined that the problem is not in your phone's operating system. Instead, it’s likely from an app that’s been downloaded onto your device.

How to enter Safe Mode

While in Safe Mode, your phone will only have access to core apps that were pre-installed in the phone at the factory.

1. To activate Safe Mode, hold the power key until the Power off icon appears.

2. Press and hold the Power off icon until the Safe Mode prompt appears.

3. Select Safe Mode to confirm.

Once your device has powered on, you should see the words "Safe Mode" in the lower right/left corner of your screen.

How to troubleshoot apps

If the problem no longer occurs while in Safe Mode, you've determined that the problem is caused by a third-party app that was downloaded to your phone.

1. Remove apps downloaded around the time the problem began. Visit the App Troubleshooting tutorial if you need instructions.

2. To exit Safe Mode, press and hold the power button. Select "Restart." If you aren't prompted to restart, continue to hold the power button until your device restarts.

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