Device Overview

Learn basic functions of your device.



Device layout

The device has 5 LED indicators located on the front of the device.

Image 1

POWER LED: Indicates device power status.
INTERNET LED: Indicates successfull internet connection.
STATUS LED: Indicates successful connection established with mobile operator network.
GPS LED: Indicates device is ready to provide GPS service.
LTE LED: Indicates device is ready to provide LTE service.

Port and button layout

The device has 4 ports and 1 button located on the back of the device .

Image 2

POWER PORT: Plug in the AC adaptor.
YELLOW WAN PORT: Connect the device to an internet router.
GREY LAN PORT: Connect to other devices, like a PC, if needed.
RESET BUTTON: Reboot or factory reset the device.
Note: For more information, see the Reset device tutorial.
 GPS ANTENNA PORT: Install the GPS Antenna.

Install the GPS antenna

To install the GPS antenna, insert the gold-side of the GPS cable into the GPS port until it clicks into place.

Image 3



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