AT&T Cell Booster (SS2FII)

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Activate & Register

Activate and register the device via the web portal or mobile app.

Connection Options

Learn how to connect using the AT&T Cell Booster ethernet ports.

Device Location

Learn how to properly place your device.

Device Overview

Learn basic functions of your device.

Device Requirements

Learn the device requirements of the AT&T Cell Booster.

Device Setup

Set up your device for the first time.

LED Indicators

Refer to AT&T Cell Booster app/portal “Device Status” section to get troubleshooting tips for your Cell Booster.

Management Website

Learn how to navigate and use the Cell Booster mobile app.

Re-Locate Device

Learn how to troubleshoot connectivity issues by relocating the device.


Determine your device's card type, operating frequencies, physical characteristics, storage, and more.


Firewall & Router

Learn how to install the AT&T Cell Booster behind a firewall, or behind a router with firewall capabilities.


Reset Device

Learn how to perform a soft, factory, or alternate master reset of your device.


Dropped Calls

Learn how to troubleshoot dropped call by checking network connections and moving the device.

Flashing Orange “Internet” LED

Learn how to troubleshoot a Flashing Orange “Internet” LED.

Limited Device Range

The AT&T Cell Booster has a maximum range of approximately 3,000 square feet. Device range will fluctuate based on walls and other obstructions. Actual range might be limited by factors such as building materials, obstructions, and connected device capability.

No GPS Connection

Learn how to troubleshoot if Cell Booster GPS cannot be acquired.

Phone Not Connecting

Learn how to troubleshoot issues related to your phone not connecting to the AT&T Cell Booster. 

Poor Voice Quality

Learn how to troubleshoot issues related to poor voice quality.

Reset Device

Learn how to perform a soft, factory, or alternate master reset of your device.

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