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Access the calendar on your device and learn how to manage events.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access the Calendar app
• Change the view mode
• Create an event
• View event information
• Edit an event
• Delete an event

Access the Calendar app

1. From the home screen, click the Google chrome app Google Chrome app. 

2. Click the Google apps icon, then click the Calendar app.

Note: Alternately, to access your contacts through the Gmail app, click the gmail app Gmail app then click the contacts app Calendar icon

Image 1

Change view mode

From the Calendar app, click the Drop-down icon next to Week, then click the desired option.

Note: For this demonstration, Month was selected.

Image 2

Create an event

1. From the Calendar, click Create

Image 3

2. Enter the information as desired, then click Save.

Image 4

View event information

From the Calendar, click the desired event. Event information will be displayed.

Image 5

Edit an event

From the desired event, click the edit icon Edit icon. Edit the information as desired, then click Save.

Note: You will only be allowed to edit events you have created.

Image 6

Delete an event

From the desired event, click the Delete icon

Image 7

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