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Nearby Share

Instantly share files between your laptop and Android phone.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Set up Nearby Share
• Use Nearby Share


Set up Nearby Share

1. From the home screen, click the Quick settings panel then click the Settings icon.

Image 1

2. Click the Connected devices tab, then click Set up next to Nearby Share

Image 2

3. Enter your device name, then click Next.

Image 3

4. Click the desired device visibility option, then click Confirm.

Note: If you select All contacts, all of your contacts with Nearby Share will be able to see your device. If you select Some contacts, you will be prompted to choose which contacts will be able to see your device. If you select Hidden, no one will be able to see your device. No matter which visibility option you choose, you will be able to see all devices nearby with Nearby Share open.

Image 4

Use Nearby Share

1. From the home screen, click the Files app. Navigate to and click the desired file(s), then click the Share icon.

Image 5

2. Click Nearby Share.

Image 6

3. Your device will scan for nearby devices automatically. Click the desired device, then click Next.

Note: You will be prompted to select Accept on the device you are sharing files with. Select the desired save location, then desired option (Just once or Always).

Image 7

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