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Dropped Calls

Learn how to troubleshoot dropped call by checking network connections and moving the device.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Check network connections
• Move the device

Check network connections

1. Confirm that your device is on the Cell Booster network and not on the Macro Network which may have poor coverage. When an active user is using the AT&T Cell Booster network the 4G LTE LED will flash white or when the 4G LTE LED is solid white, this means the device is ready to use.

Image 1

2. If your device is connected to the Cell Booster network, and you're still experiencing dropped calls, check the back of your AT&T Cell Booster. Ensure that all internet cables are connected and confirm that no other devices have an issue with the internet connection.

Image 2

Move the device

If there are no network connection issues detected, move the AT&T Cellbooster closer to the area experiencing dropped calls and see if the issue resolves.

Note: If the AT&T Cell Booster is too far from the Router, you can purchase the Netgear Powerline to move device to the area experiencing dropped calls.

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