Phone Not Connecting

Phone Not Connecting

Learn how to troubleshoot issues related to your phone not connecting to the AT&T Cell Booster. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Troubleshoot your phone
• Troubleshoot the AT&T Cell Booster


Troubleshoot your phone

1. If your phone is having issues connecting to the AT&T Cell Booster, try power cycling your device by either restarting, or powering the device on and off

Note: Each device will have a different method for restarting, consult your device's manual to learn more. You can also reset your phone by enabling and disabling Airplane mode. This is usually done by selecting the Airplane mode icon  from your quick settings menu. 

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2. Ensure that your device is capable of connecting to LTE networks and is on the AT&T network. Check the status bar of your phone to see if the AT&T icon and signal bars are appearing.

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Troubleshoot the AT&T Cell Booster

1. Powercycle the AT&T Cellbooster by unplugging the powercord from the device, then wait 10 seconds and plug the powercord back in.

Note: To learn more about resetting the device, see the Reset Device tutorial

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2. Ensure that you are on the AT&T Cell Booster network, and not the Macro Network (which may have poor coverage). The 4G LTE LED will flash white when an active wireless user is using the AT&T Cell Booster network, and will be solid white when the device is ready for use.

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