Poor Voice Quality
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Poor Voice Quality

Learn how to troubleshoot issues related to poor voice quality.


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The AT&T Cell Booster has a maximum range of approximately 3,000 square feet. Device range will fluctuate based on walls and other obstructions. Actual range might be limited by factors such as building materials, obstructions, and connected device capability.

1. To improve voice quality, try moving the AT&T Cell Booster.

Note: You can purchase a Netgear Powerline to move the device to an area where coverage is needed, if it is too far from the router location. You can also purchase additional AT&T Cell Boosters to improve voice quality. 

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2. Ensure that you are on the AT&T Cell Booster network, and not the Macro Network (which may have poor coverage). The 4G LTE LED will flash white when an active wireless user is using the AT&T Cell Booster network, and will be solid white when the device is ready for use.

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3. If your AT&T Cell Booster is connecting correctly, check your internet connection and that minimum bandwidth requirements are met and customer is not currently experiencing any internet issues. The bare minimum is 5 Mbps minimum on downlink and 1 Mbps minimum on uplink. Recommended is 100Mb down and 5 Mb up.

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