AT&T Video Call

Bring your calls to life


As easy as making a phone call*

No app to download, no separate account to configure, and no password to remember.

  • Simply touch the Video Call button on the dialer or in your contacts.
  • Talk with one person or a group of people.
  • Switch between HD Voice and video at any time during a call.

*Both caller and receiver need video call-capable phones and must be in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area. Not all carriers have interoperability with AT&T Video Call.

Connecting what you care about most

AT&T Video Call uses AT&T HD Voice network technology to bring you face-to-face with friends and family. AT&T Video Call capable smartphones and tablets. Check back often for additional coverage areas and devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AT&T Video Call?
    AT&T Video Call lets you make and receive HD Voice calls combined with real-time video. There’s no app to download, no separate account to configure, and no username to create. Video Call is built into your Video Call-capable device and requires an account that has been set up for AT&T HD Voice. 
  • What do I need to do to use Video Call?
    You need a smartphone that supports Video Call and a postpaid wireless account that is set up for AT&T HD Voice. There are certain features that conflict with AT&T HD Voice which can be found at
  • How do I make an AT&T Video Call?
    Just touch the Video Call icon on your Video Call-capable device from your contacts, call logs, or favorites. Or, enter a number in the dialer keypad. The person you are calling must also meet the requirements for AT&T Video Call. If you start a Video Call and your phone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, your Video Call automatically hands over to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Which devices support Video Call?
    View our current selection of Video Call capable smartphones and tablets. Phones that can use Video Call are sold nationwide. You also have to meet the requirements for making and receiving a Video Call.
  • Where is Video Call available?
    AT&T Video Call is available in the same markets where AT&T HD Voice is available. See our coverage map for details.