Solutions for Customers with Disabilities

Hearing Solutions

How to Reach Us

Repair Center
1-800-397-3172 (TTY only)
1-800-651-5111 (California TTY only)
1-800-246-8464 (voice)
1-800-772-3140 (California voice)

Discounts and Exemptions

TTY Local Toll Discount
Qualified customers using a TTY will receive a discount for local toll calls. To see if you qualify or for more information, contact our local TTY customer service office at 1-866-335-3033 (California call 1-800-651-5111).

Directory Listing for TTY Users
Customers who have a TTY may include this information as a part of their directory listing at no additional charge. For more information or to order a TTY listing, contact your local AT&T business office.

Other Services

Monthly Telephone Bills
On-Line Billing and Payment service allows you to view and pay your phone bill online. Get more information about On-line Billing and Payment or register now to manage your account online.

Closed Captioning Contact Information
If you subscribe to television service through AT&T or receive IP-delivered video from AT&T and have concerns about closed captioning, please direct your inquiries as follows:

AT&T U-verse® TV
AT&T IP-delivered Video
AT&T Closed Captioning Technical Support: 866-912-8216, 866-750-6606(fax), ClosedCapHelp@att.com
Closed Captioning Issues: AT&T Closed Captioning, ATTN: Mr. Timmermans, 1010 Pine St., 6-E-22, St. Louis, MO 63101, 314-235-3333, 314-335-5735(fax),
AT&T | DISH Network Technical Support: 888-809-1143, 720-514-7660 (fax), closedcaptioning@dishnetwork.com
Written Complaints: Marciedes Metzger, Closed Captioning Compliance Manager, P.O. Box 9040, Littleton, CO 80120, 888-809-1143, 720-514-7660 (fax), closedcaptioning@dishnetwork.com
DIRECTV Technical Support: 800-531-5000.
Written Complaints: C. Schrum, Sr. Manager, 310-964-1010, 310-964-3703 (fax); closedcaptions@directv.com; or mail to Closed Captions, P.O. Box 1076, El Segundo, CA 90245-1076