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  PremierSERV(SM) T1 Integrated Access Solutions

Improve the efficiency of your communications system.

PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions is a complete solution that allows you to combine—over a T1 access line—local service, Dedicated Internet Access, Frame Relay, and CPE. PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions offers you a menu of services you can tailor to fit your communication needs. It allows you to combine the services you already use in a package for potential cost savings and increased efficiency.

PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions offers simplicity. You can combine local and long distance voice and data services, high-speed Internet access, and web hosting in one package. We serve as your initial point of contact and may offer a competitive price for your services.

The price of PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions has the potential to be lower than if you purchase services separately or from multiple vendors. You can simplify network management by consolidating CPE (either from us or another vendor) from several devices into one.

With PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions, we offer wireline services over a channelized DS1 facility. You pick from a menu of products and AT&T configures them over DS0 channels. PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions includes a CSU/DSU, 1/0 Multiplexer, channel bank, and a router.

What will it do for me?

PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions gives you these features:

  • Package Solution— You can combine voice, data, Internet, and CPE into a bundle of services. Purchase one simple, end-to-end telecommunications solution.
  • Flexible Network— You can access your services from multiple sites. PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions can handle all of your voice and data requirements - for all of your locations.
  • Economy— PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions potentially lowers your total telecommunications cost by combining multiple services on a single facility and maximizing all the available channels. By consolidating your network, you may minimize your cost.


The following options are available with PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions:

  • Term commitments— T1-IAS is available in one-, two-, or three-year terms. No month-to-month option is available.


PremierSERV T1 Integrated Access Solutions is available throughout the AT&T service area in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.


Interested in finding out more about our products and services?
Call 877-792-5670.

The AT&T family of companies have expanded service in areas of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex including Grapevine, Irving, Plano, Carrolton, Garland, Rowlett and Keller. To check availability in your area, call us at 1-888-289-7921.

Local Services and T1 transport, provided by the AT&T local exchange telephone company, are offered pursuant to tariffs filed with the Federal Communications commission and appropriate state public utilities commission. These services may be provided by AT&T Telecom, Inc. in some areas. Some applications may require separately purchased equipment. Frame Relay service is provided by AT&T Advanced Services, Inc. Dedicated Internet Access provided by AT&T Internet Services, a registered d/b/a for Ameritech Interactive Media Services, Inc., Pacific Bell Internet Services, SNET Diversified Group, Inc. and Southwestern Bell Internet Services, Inc. Long distance may be provided by AT&T Long Distance, a d/b/a for AT&T Communications Services, Inc. and SNET America, Inc. Enhanced maintenance is provided by AT&T DataComm, Inc. is a Delaware corporation. "AT&T DataComm" is a d/b/a name registered to Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, LLP, in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas, and registered to Pacific Bell Telephone Company in California. Service is not available in all areas.


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