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Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Transport*

* DSL Transport services are provided by AT&T Advanced Solutions, Inc. (AT&T-ASI)

AT&T - Your Nationwide DSL Provider
Integrated AT&T Product Portfolio
Customer Self-Install

Your Nationwide DSL Provider
AT&T-ASI has become the nationwide market leader in the sale of DSL Transport. With more growth predicted in the broadband market over the next few years, AT&T Companies continue to focus on enhancing our product offerings and meeting the growing needs of you and your end users. Providing you with the ability to purchase services from a leading edge data company, AT&T Companies have coverage across 13 states1 and have deployed DSL to over 1,400 central offices passing over 28 million homes and businesses. With over 2 million installed lines through the end of October 2002, AT&T-ASI continues to be the nationwide market leader in the DSL market.

113 state territory includes: California, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nevada, and Connecticut.

Integrated AT&T Product Portfolio
AT&T-ASI has completed the standardization of the DSL Transport product portfolio across its 13-state territory. As a result, AT&T Companies are able to offer you consistent pricing and channel support across our entire territory.

AT&T-ASI DSL service is defined as a virtual connection in the AT&T ASI DSL/ATM infrastructure. To better serve our ISP customers, AT&T ASI offers 8 different DSL Transport speed packages, shown in the chart below:

DSL Transport Packages
  Download Speed2 Upload Speed2
Up to 384 Kbps
128 to 256 Kbps
Up to 1.5 Mbps
128 to 256 Kbps
Basic I
384 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps
128 to 256 Kbps
768 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps
256 to 384 Kbps
384 to 416 Kbps
384 to 416 Kbps
1.5 Mbps to 3.0 Mbps
384 to 416 Kbps
Premium I
1.5 Mbps to 6.0 Mbps
384 to 608 Kbps
3.0 Mbps to 6.0 Mbps
384 to 608 Mbps

Connection speeds may be higher under optimal conditions.

2Connection speed is between the Network Interface Device located at the end user's premises and the DSL-equipped central serving office or the DSL gateway. Actual data transfer or throughput may be lower than sync-rate due to Internet congestion, server or router speeds, protocol overheads, and other factors that cannot be controlled by AT&T-ASI.

This suite of speed profiles is structured to provide benefits to you and your end users:

  • Easier Upgrade Options for End Users - These speed profiles reduce the "leap" needed for an end user to upgrade to higher speeds. This closes the pricing gap between DSL Transport speed levels. Higher speed options would be available to ISPs for an incremental monthly fee. Contact your Sales Representative for more detailed information on availability and pricing.

  • Positions for Future Broadband Applications - By segmenting the product portfolio, we are creating categories of DSL which we expect to approximately correspond to new broadband applications in the marketplace, some of which may not even be known today. This segmentation allows more targeted sales and marketing based on specific needs identified by your end users. In addition, we expect that pressure will mount in the consumer and business markets to upgrade beyond the 384 Kbps downstream DSL speeds that are most common today. As broadband access becomes more mainstream, the marketplace will build the applications that will eventually fill up that pipe.

  • Increased Revenue Opportunities - You control your own retail pricing structure based on your business needs, but by stimulating your customer base to upgrade to higher speeds, you may have the opportunity for improving your bottom line profits.

  • Increase Your Customer Base - New Primary DSL products reach more customers thereby extending the reach of DSL.

Customer Self-Install (CSI)
In addition to DSL Transport, AT&T-ASI provides DSL modem packages and installation as additional options for ISPs across the 13-state territory. By purchasing CSI for your customers, they can avoid scheduling installation appointments. The CSI modem package, including user-friendly instructions, will be mailed directly to your customer. The ISP registration software, if necessary, will remain the responsibility of the ISP.

AT&T-ASI is committed to supporting and stimulating DSL sales to unaffiliated ISPs.

AT&T-ASI Non-Recurring Charges
CPE Modem Kit
$ 99
CPE Router Kit
CPE Installation
3 CPE Installation - all subsequent truck rolls
4 DSL Service Activation
$ 50
Customer Self Installation (CSI)
$  0

3Customer chooses CSI and is unable to complete installation, AT&T-ASI will charge the subsequent truck roll.

4DSL Service Activation charge will be waived when AT&T-ASI receives the service order through its electronic ordering system.

For more detailed information on DSL Transport packages and pricing, please contact your Sales Representative. He or she will be happy to discuss the available options.

To order DSL Transport, or for more information, please contact your Sales Representative or call one of the following telephone numbers:

  • For DSL Transport service in California, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Nevada, please call 1-888-884-2375.
  • For DSL Transport service in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin, please call 1-800-552-8647.
  • To purchase DSL Transport in Connecticut, please call 800-541-3306.

You may also send an email to the following address (please include your name, your company name, where you would like to purchase DSL Transport service and your phone number) and a Sales Representative will contact you: