Data plans for tablets and mobile hotspots

Connect to our nationwide network

  • No annual contract
  • No credit check
Pay-as-you-go monthly data plans from AT&T PREPAID
Got a tablet or mobile hotspot without a data plan? AT&T PREPAID lets you connect
these devices to the internet for one low monthly price. And because you’re not tied
to a long-term contract, you can change your plan at any time.

Stop by an AT&T store to choose a data plan*

  • 3GB

    of data/30days*

    add 1GB of data for $10
  • 10GB

    of data/30days*

    add 1.5GB of data for $10
  • 18GB

    of data/30days*

    add 2GB of data for $10

Get started

  • Buy a device

    Need to purchase a tablet or Mobile Hotspot device to use with AT&T PREPAID? Stop by an AT&T store near you.

  • Have your own device?

    Want to use your tablet with AT&T PREPAID? Stop by an AT&T store to purchase an AT&T PREPAID SIM CARD. Already have one? Activate it online.

  • Already a customer?

    If your plan is already activated, you can manage your account online.

Easy to purchase, easy to refill


Manage your monthly payment with AutoPay. Sign up online or call 800.901.9878.

Pay by phone

Pay by phone anytime. Call 800.901.9878 for a one-time payment with credit or debit card.

Refill cards

AT&T PREPAID refill cards are available for purchase online. Shop refill cards

The benefits of a data plan, without the long-term contract

Since you may not always have access to a Wi-Fi network, a data plan for your tablet or a mobile hotspot can be extremely useful. The issue, however, is that some people don’t want to commit to a long-term wireless plan. 

AT&T PREPAID helps solve this problem by offering a data plan for your hotspot or tablet without the commitment of a long-term contract. Instead, customers pay a low rate upfront. 

Get service with AT&T PREPAID, without buying a new device

If you’re looking for a great prepaid plan, but you’re happy with your current device, it’s easy to activate your hotspot or tablet on the AT&T network through our bring your own device (BYOD) program. You can stop by your local AT&T store to purchase a SIM Card, or go online to activate a SIM card you already have. 

Enjoy easy payment and account management

Managing your account is easy for AT&T PREPAID customers. With AutoPay, you can automate your bill, so you won’t have to worry about paying it before it runs out. You’ll also have the option to pay by phone or by AT&T PREPAID refill card.

Quick facts

  • Can I use my phone as a mobile hotspot on an AT&T PREPAID plan?
    Most AT&T PREPAID monthly plans allow you to use your data as a mobile hotspot—only our Unlimited plan doesn’t, although you can purchase a mobile hotspot add-on if you wish. Our Unlimited Plus plan includes 10GB of mobile hotspot data. With all monthly plans, you can purchase extra mobile hotspot data.
  • How do I add more data if I need it?
    Data Add-Ons are available for purchase, depending on your data plan. To buy a Data Add-On, visit us online or call 800.901.9878.
  • Can I roam internationally with my AT&T PREPAID tablet?
    International data roaming is not available at this time.