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Office@Hand connects with a cloud-based business phone system. Employees can work from virtually anywhere, customers can more easily reach your business – all starting at $56 per month for up to 2 users.




Included Features

Free trial available

Call and management phone system administration

Access, manage, and use on smartphones and tablets

Unlimited Internet faxes and local and long distance calls

Toll-free minutes

1000 min

2500 min

10,000 min

Unlimited conferencing and Business SMS

Microsoft® Office and Outlook®, Google Drive™ online storage service, Box, Box from AT&T, and Dropbox® integration

Shared Lines

Salesforce® integration

Automatic call recording

HD multi-point video conferencing

up to 4 users

up to 25 users

up to 50 users

Multi-Level Auto Attendant (IVR)

Call monitoring

Google integration

Zendesk Integration

Microsoft® Office 365™ integration

Office@Hand reports

Developer Platform**

+4 users

Hot Desking

Glip for team messaging



Introducing Glip. The new team messaging workspace that helps increase productivity. Glip brings together your calendar, tasks, chat, online meetings, and file sharing in one intuitive application.
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Developer Platform

The RingCentral Connect Platform allows you to build Office@Hand capabilities (SMS, faxing, and calling) into your everyday critical business applications. In addition, Office@Hand users can choose applications from a gallery of ready-made integrations that work with Office@Hand.
Learn more about Developer Platform at RingCentral


Start or schedule meetings with up to 100 participants while you’re on the go. Enhance group discussions with integrated chat.
Learn more about Meetings

Mobile App

Make and receive calls with your Office@Hand business number using the Office@Hand Mobile App on select smartphones. Send and receive text messages and faxes, and review and forward voicemail messages.
Learn more about Mobile App


Business SMS

Send and receive text messages with up to 160 characters to and from Office@Hand extensions or other 10-digit local numbers. Text with colleagues, clients, and entire teams.
Learn more about Business SMS


Use CloudFax™ to fax documents directly from cloud storage apps—including Box from AT&T, Google Drive™ online storage service, and Dropbox.
Learn more about CloudFax

Multi-Level Auto Attendant

Create and implement flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus for handling incoming calls. Minimize overhead with centralized phone-routing management for multiple locations and offices.
Learn more about Multi-Level Auto Attendant

Automatic Call Recording

Automatically record inbound and outbound Office@Hand calls. Playback and download calls from the cloud at virtually any time, from virtually anywhere, for up to 90 days.
Learn more about Automatic Call Recording

Office@Hand Desktop App for Windows & Mac

Turn your PC or Mac into a communications hub. Increase productivity by using one desktop app for calling, faxing, texting, conferencing, and running web meetings.
Learn more about Office@Hand Desktop App

Salesforce® Integration

Improve workflow and increase productivity. Conveniently click any contact number in your Salesforce directory to place a direct call. Interact simultaneously with multiple contacts, and easily create new records, even while you’re on a call.
Learn more about Salesforce Integration

411 Directory Listing

Get free, published 411 directory listings for your business. Make your company name, address, local phone number, toll-free phone number, and fax number available to anyone who calls 411.
Learn more about 411 Directory Listing

Call Park

Place up to 50 calls at a time on hold in the cloud and retrieve from any of your business’s Office@Hand desktop IP phones or Office@Hand Desktop App.
Learn more about Call Park

Intercom for Plug & Ring® Ready Phones

Use your desktop IP phone or Office@Hand Desktop App to make short announcements, have quick conversations with colleagues in other office locations, or tell a co-worker there’s a parked call waiting.
Learn more about Intercom


Make real-time, one-way announcements to multiple desk phones or overhead paging devices. Broadcast announcements to the entire organization, or to selected groups and individuals.
Learn more about Paging


Save time and reduce repetitive manual effort. Office@Hand Templates let you specify phone-system user settings just once, and then apply those settings again by simply associating users with the template.
Learn more about Templates

Call Monitoring

Train your sales and support staff while they’re on live calls. Monitor calls in real time, enter into conversations, and even take over calls when necessary.
Learn more about Call Monitoring

Secure Voice

Safeguard your voice communications and prevent unauthorized interception by enabling Secure Voice on your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T devices.
Learn more about Secure Voice

Google Integration

Make Office@Hand calls directly from Gmail™, expand the capacity of Google+ Hangouts™ to 1,000 participants, and fax files from Google Drive™ and Google Docs™.
Learn more about Google Integration


Make or receive calls through Office@Hand directly from your Zendesk account for improved workflows and an enhanced customer service experience.
Learn more about Zendesk

Microsoft® Office 365™ Integration

Streamline your business communications and improve productivity with the powerful combination of Office@Hand and Microsoft Office 365.
Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Office@Hand Reports

Intuitive graphics help you to view trends, balance employee workloads, and optimize team performance and call activities.
Learn more about Office@Hand Reports.

Hot Desking

Increase your mobility and reduce costs by sharing a common desk phone with multiple Office@Hand users in your company. Whenever you visit a remote worksite, just enter your extension and PIN to associate your service profile with a host desktop phone, and enjoy all the features and benefits of Office@Hand.

Learn more about Hot Desking


Private Voice

Extend your Office@Hand service over the AT&T private MPLS Network. Enjoy the high-quality voice service of a hosted IPBX solution with security benefits of a private network.

Learn more about Private Voice




Manage multiple job sites and mobile workers within one system. Conveniently and easily manage calls, SMS, and faxes for all your remote sites.
Learn more


Communicate more efficiently with clients and associates. Enhance collaboration, fax from any location, and do not miss a vital conversation thanks to instant call recording.
Learn more


Enjoy a unified, fully integrated business phone solution that can increase productivity while reducing operational costs and manufacturing delays.
Learn more

Real Estate

Stay connected to your office and your clients; easily and conveniently manage calls and faxes while on the road, in the office, or at home.
Learn more

Retail and Restaurant

Robust call routing and handling rules ensures you can deliver great customer service with confidence. Use SMS text messaging to confirm reservations, answer inventory questions, or announce flash sales.
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Enjoy a cloud-based phone system with unmatched usability, mobility, and access from virtually anywhere—all without PBX hardware to install or maintain. Collaborate with your team, partners or customers using on-demand audio, HD video, and web conferencing.
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RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T is a business phone system that connects employees with one solution. It offers enterprise-grade features, including auto receptionist, multiple extensions, and more.


Use RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T to answer your customers' calls, and to send and receive calls from almost anywhere. Stay connected with voicemail via email delivery and Internet fax.


Activate, set up, and manage a complete mobile business phone system right from your smartphone in minutes. Create flexible answering rules. Take advantage of advanced call forwarding.


Get toll-free, local, and fax numbers for your business, departments with dedicated local phone numbers, along with a cloud-based PBX with extensions.


Use your existing mobile phones as well as desktop IP phones, conference phones, and Office@Hand Desktop App. Bring your own device (BYOD) capabilities for employees help improve productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.


Compatible IP Hardware

Only phones ordered through the RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T business phone system arrive Plug & Ring® ready. Not all features are compatible with all phone models. Check out phone data sheets for compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T is a mobile business phone system that unifies employees with one solution. It features auto receptionist, advanced call handling, multiple extensions, voicemail, faxing, on-hold music, HD multi-point video conferencing,* online meetings and collaboration,* shared lines, and more. With no setup fees or expensive hardware required, RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T provides a complete business phone system for efficient interaction with customers whether your team is in the office, out in the field, or dispersed nationwide.

All users are part of the same business phone system and use the same edition. Voice over IP (VoIP) options are available for all editions and are desktop app, desktop phone, and conference phone capable. RingCentral Office@Hand - Standard includes robust features, 1000 toll-free minutes per month,* HD multi-point video conferencing, and a free-of-charge 30-day trial option. RingCentral Office@Hand - Premium has those features plus Salesforce® integration, auto call recording, HD multi-point video conferencing for up to 50 users* and 2500 toll-free minutes per month.* RingCentral Office@Hand - Enterprise includes all the features of the Standard and Premium editions plus 10,000 toll-free minutes per month, HD video conferencing for up to 100 users,* and online meetings and collaboration.*

Plans are available for 2 to 100 users. Contact your AT&T sales representative for orders with more than 100 users.

To change Editions, contact Advanced Solutions Care at 866.563.4703.

To cancel, call Advanced Solutions Care at 866.563.4703.

Once your account is set up, the administrator can enable international calling credits in auto-refillable increments of $20 or $100. The administrator determines which users can use this feature and which countries are enabled.*

No commitment is necessary to start using RingCentral Office@Hand. You'll be billed monthly, based on the plan you select. You can cancel your service at any time, without penalties or cancellation fees. The regular charge for the month in which you cancel will be prorated. However, Standard Edition, Premium, and Enterprise editions are now available with attractive new pricing and contract terms. Contact your AT&T Sales Representative for details or call 800-791-9927.

Yes. If you're the RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T account owner (the person whose wireless account is being billed) or administrator, log in to your online account to add users. The change in the monthly service plan will be prorated and will appear on the next billing statement. Note that your service plan cannot be changed during the trial period.


For a plan that supports up to 10 users, RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T starts at $275 per month. To find the RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T plan that's right for your business based on the number of employees and the Edition you want, click the See all plan/pricing options link for pricing in the Features table above. The existing AT&T wireless account used to purchase your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T phone system will be billed for the plan you select, creating a single bill for your entire business. Pricing excludes taxes, surcharges, and fees.

Each RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T account includes a complete business phone system with:

  • An auto-receptionist.
  • A dial-by-name directory.
  • A toll-free number.
  • A local phone number and a local fax number.
  • A local direct dial number for each user.

Each user and department extension also has full voicemail, customizable call handling rules, Internet fax services, and more. The price does not include desktop IP phones, conference phones, international calling credits, additional toll-free minutes, or additional phone numbers (each of which are sold separately). Additionally, the price does not include wireless airtime minutes, wireless data usage, or other charges that a wireless or wireline provider may impose for airtime and data when using RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T.

No. Our service implementation desk will help you set up your account at no additional charge.

Yes. You can sign up for a Standard Edition 30-day trial that is free of charge.* If you do not cancel the service before the end of the trial period, you'll automatically be subscribed to a paid account and charged based on the number of users selected at the time of signup. You can cancel your trial at any time before the expiration of the 30-day free-of-charge trial period.

Your administrator can set up international calling in auto-refill increments of $20 and $100.* The rates are located on our support site at

Toll-free coverage charges are 3.9 cents per minute. If you exceed the monthly included toll-free minutes, the minimum calling credit package will be automatically purchased. Excess minutes then decrement against that package.


No. The phones offered by RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T are easy to set up and install. Phones are preconfigured to your cloud-based phone number and shipped Plug & Ring® ready. You can use an existing broadband service that meets the minimum hardware support requirements, or talk to an AT&T Sales Representative about upgrading your broadband service.

Use our broadband checker to determine compatibility. To upgrade your broadband, contact an AT&T Sales Representative at 877.280.4103.

Earlier Versions of RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T

To upgrade your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T version, call Advanced Solutions Care at 866.563.4703.

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