Use keyboard shortcuts for AT&T Mail

Don't want to use your mouse or screen reader's virtual cursor? Find out which keyboard shortcuts you can use to access and navigate your email.

General keyboard shortcuts

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Go to Inboxm
Check all mail (includes POP accounts)Shift+M
Move to the left tab]
Move to the right tab[
SearchS or /
Expand window to maximum height in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and ChromeF11
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Message shortcuts

Compose an email message

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Start a new messagen
Move cursor to formatting tools or attachments list (from message field)Shift+Tab
Save current documentPC: Ctrl+S
Mac: Cmd+S
Send messagePC: Ctrl+Enter
Mac: Cmd+Shift+D

Working with email messages

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Reply to a messageR
Reply all to a messageA
Forward a messageF
Mark as readK
Mark as unreadShift+K
Mark a message as importantL
Unmark a message as importantShift+L
Find a word or phrase in a messagePC: Ctrl+F
Mac: Cmd+F
Print messagePC: Ctrl+P
Mac: Cmd+P
Delete messageDelete
Archive messageE
Restore to inboxShift+P
Move message to a new folderD

Working with message lists - general

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Highlight the previous or next messageUp or down arrows
Open a messageEnter
Select all messages in viewPC: Ctrl+A
Mac: Cmd+A
Select messages in a rangeSelect the checkbox of the first message, then hold the shift key and select the checkbox of last message
Show or hide preview paneShift+V

Working with message lists - viewed page by page

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Check or uncheck a message's checkboxSpacebar
Move cursor down the listPC: Down arrow
Mac: Cmd+down arrow
Move cursor up the listPC: Up arrow
Mac: Cmd+up arrow

Keyboard navigation and selection shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut
Move cursor to the next or previous part of the screenTab or Shift+Tab
Move cursor to the next or previous toolbar buttonLeft and right arrow keys
Move cursor to the next or previous item in listUp and down arrow keys
Select the item in focus (with mouse or cursor on message)

Last updated: December 7, 2022

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