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Learn what your BGW320 Wi-Fi gateway lights mean

The color and state of each light on your BGW320 means something. Here’s how to use that info to fix network problems.

Status lightStateDescription
ServiceSolid whiteThe gateway is online.

Fast-blinking greenYour gateway is connected to the network and ready for activation.
Solid red

(WPS light OFF)
Your gateway is in a location that’s making it overheat. Move it to a flat surface with open space.
Solid red

(WPS light red)
Your gateway has a hardware issue. If a restart doesn’t fix it, you should replace it.
Fast-blinking redThere’s an issue with the network service. First, restart the gateway. If that doesn’t work, check for service outages using Smart Home Manager from your computer. Or, download the app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.
Slow-blinking redYour gateway doesn’t have an internet connection. Check your cables to be sure they’re secure and not damaged. Then, press and hold the red reset button for 10 seconds.
Slow-blinking amberYour gateway is being updated. Wait for the light to turn solid white.
Fast-blinking yellowOne of your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines has a problem.
WPSOffWi-Fi® Protected Setup (WPS) device pairing is turned off. Press the button to start pairing.
 Fast-blinking redYour gateway detected too many devices trying to connect at one time. Or, your gateway is restarting.
RedYour devices couldn’t connect using WPS. Wait until the light changes and try again.
Fast-blinking greenYour gateway is resetting. Wait until it completes before you try to connect devices to your Wi-Fi network.
Slow-blinking greenWPS is ready. Take action on the Wi-Fi device you want to connect to your network.

Get the BGW320 status light (PDF, 179KB)

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