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Get info about the latest frauds and scams

Learn how to defend against coronavirus scams and social engineering attempts. Plus, find out how to protect yourself from phone and prepaid card scams.


Coronavirus scam

Find out how scammers are using emails, texts, or social media posts about the COVID-19 virus to trick people.Learn more

How to handle and report scams

Social engineering

Social engineers try to trick you into taking a certain action or providing your confidential info. They may contact you by phone, email, text, or direct message on social media.

Here’s how it’s done: Someone contacts you pretending to represent a legitimate company you might normally do business with. They may ask for info like your Social Security number, password, or credit card number "to verify your account.”

If you suspect a social engineering scam:
  • Don’t give them your account or personal info.
  • Hang up and call the company or agency that supposedly contacted you. Their phone number may be on your account statement or on their website. Ask if they contacted you for personal info.
  • Report suspicious phone calls or text messages to us
  • File a complaint at

Tip: If you think you might have shared your AT&T wireless account info with a scammer, learn how to change or reset your passcode and review other security options for your account.

Prepaid card scam

This type of scam happens when someone calls and pretends to represent a company you might normally do business with. The caller offers you a tremendous discount on your service.

Here’s the catch: They ask you to use a prepaid credit card or retail gift card to prepay for service. The scammer might even give you a toll-free callback number for making the payment.

If you suspect a prepaid card scam:

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