Learn what your All-Fi Hub lights mean

The color and state of each light on your All-Fi Hub has a meaning. Find out what the state of each light represents.

Detailed display and light info

Review the PDF to get all info related to the lights and display animations on your All-Fi™ Hub.View PDF

Notification light

The color and state of your notification light defines what it’s doing in conjunction with the display matrix or WPS light. If your notification light is:
  • Green or yellow: You’ll see these when you’re setting up, pairing devices, or running a speed test. Your hub display will provide additional details.
  • Solid red: The light turns red if your hub has an error. Check the display and find the error code. Use the All-Fi Hub status lights (PDF, 313KB) or Error codes FAQ to find a fix.
  • Off with clock during set up: Make sure you have completed your registration and set up with Smart Home Manager.
  • Off with clock: This means your hub is working correctly.

WPS LED (back of hub)

This light helps you identify the pairing process with other devices on your Wi-Fi network. If the light is:
  • Green (blinking): The hub is pairing with a device or restarting after a factory reset.
  • Red (blinking): The hub is restarting or it has too many devices trying to pair.
  • Red (solid): WPS pairing failed. You can try again or connect with your Wi-Fi® name and password.
Last updated: May 24, 2023

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