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Transfer wireless billing responsibility

Find out how to transfer billing responsibility for a wireless number.

Quick answer

How do I transfer billing responsibility online?

What should I do before I transfer billing responsibility?




Start an online transfer request

  1. Go to
  2. Select Star Transfer.
  3. Read the tips, and then select Continue.
  4. If you use your ID to manage more than one account, sign in with the wireless account you want to transfer.
  5. Choose the numbers you want to transfer (make sure each phone can get texts).
  6. Enter the requested info and select Continue.
  7. Confirm the numbers you want to transfer and select Accept next to the transfer terms.
  8. Complete the info to get a 6-digit PIN and select Submit.

Heads up: Give the new owner the email address you used to submit the transfer and the wireless number you want to transfer. They have 14 calendar days to accept billing responsibility and finish the transfer process.

Account and billing info

  • You can transfer one line or several. 
  • You can’t transfer any Rollover Minutes® or Rollover Data®.
  • If the account has any installment plans, you can transfer them after a credit evaluation of the new owner. Learn how to to pay off an installment plan.
  • You have to pay the remaining balance on any accessory installment plans.1 
  • You’ll get a bill for the time the service was active in your name. 
  • Your plan and features may change depending on your original account agreement. For example, if you have multiple lines, but only one is left after you transfer billing responsibility, you may have to choose a new agreement.

If you have a combined bill

  • Be sure to separate a service before you transfer billing responsibility for it.
  • If you transfer billing responsibility for all your services, the bill will automatically split.
  • You can combine your bill again after two bill periods by contacting us. You'll get separate bills until then. 
  • If your bill gave you exemptions from price increases or changes in rights and responsibilities, be aware that the new account will not inherit those exemptions in a combined bundle.
    So, their bill may be higher than yours and their legal rights may be different

New ownership

  • We’ll put billing responsibility in the new owner's name with their credit info.
  • The new account owner accepts responsibility for the wireless account, monthly bill, and contract, if there is one. 
  • The new account owner gets any upgrade eligibility that applies to the transferred lines.

Learn about the steps and requirements that apply to the new owner

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