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Keep your Wi-Fi network safe

Did you know your Wi-Fi network extends as far as 300 feet from your wireless router? Learn how to keep unwanted users from connecting to your network.

How can I see the devices connected to my home network?
It’s easy if you have AT&T Smart Home Manager. Just sign in to or open the Smart Home Manager app, and select Devices to see who’s connected to your network.

You can download the AT&T Smart Home Manager app free from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Learn more about Smart Home Manager
How do I share my Wi-Fi network name and password with guests?
With Smart Home Manager, you can email or text your Wi-Fi® network name and password to your visitors.
  1. Go to on your computer. Or, open the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Select Tools and then Invite Guest.
  3. Follow the prompts to email or text your Wi-Fi network info.

Heads up: The text option is only available on the Smart Home Manager app.

Wi-Fi network security

Your Wi-Fi network doesn't stop at the walls of your home or office. It can extend more than 300 feet from your wireless gateway, so people outside your home may be able to access your Wi-Fi network. If they do, they could:
  • Monitor the websites you visit
  • Copy your usernames and passwords
  • Read your email and other messages
  • View files on your computer
  • Infect your computer with a virus
  • Send spam or perform illegal activities
  • Slow down your computer and your internet connection speed
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Steps to take to secure your network

Make sure Wi-Fi network security is turned on

To properly protect your network, be sure to enable network security. This means entering a Wi-Fi password to connect to your network. Have one of our gateways?

Learn how to check or turn on Wi-Fi network security

Heads up: If you didn’t get your modem from us, check the manufacturer's manual for instructions.

Use firewall and antivirus software

Install antivirus and firewall software on each computer that can access your network. Update this software regularly for the best results.

Learn about AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee

Change the device access code on your gateway

Gateways and modems have a default device access code. Anyone who has this code can access your gateway and change your settings, including the network password. For an extra layer of protection, be sure to change your device access code.

Hide your Wi-Fi network name

Your Wi-Fi network name shows up whenever anyone searches for available networks in your area. Hiding the name makes it harder for others to hack into your network and prevents them from connecting to your network accidentally.

Learn how to hide your Wi-Fi network name

Try advanced security options

Are you tech-savvy? Do you have advanced networking knowledge? Many routers and modems have features like MAC address filtering that can make your home network even more secure.

Learn how to turn on MAC address filtering
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Want more help?

Get more tips about how to keep your personal info and devices safe and secure with our fraud and security resources.

You also get free technical support for your AT&T products and services by calling or chatting with us.

Having problems with devices, email clients or apps, or third-party modems and routers? AT&T ConnecTech® provides fast, expert help for an affordable fee.1 Learn how AT&T ConnecTech can help or call 866.294.3464.

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