Manage inbox settings and sorting

Get the most out of your email by customizing your inbox and settings.

Update your email settings

It's easy. Just select the gear gear icon and then More Settings to customize:
  • How you view your mail
  • Which version of AT&T Mail you want to use - classic or full
  • Your email signatures
  • A vacation response
  • Email filters
  • Which senders you want to block

Check your settings for inbox sorting

By default, your emails show in chronological order with the newest emails at the top. Select Sort at the top of your inbox to also sort by:
  • Date: Newest on top 
  • Date: Oldest on top 
  • Unread 
  • Starred 
  • Sender (only available if Conversations is turned off)
  • Subject (only available if Conversations is turned off)
  • Attachments (only available if Conversations is turned off)

Good to know: You can also organize your emails using folders and filters
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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