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Perform a virus scan on your PC

Learn how to use AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee to perform a virus scan on your Windows PC.

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How to perform a manual scan

AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee allows you to scan your computer automatically or manually. Update your Internet Security Suite software before scanning to make sure you’re protected against the latest threats.

To perform a manual scan on your Windows PC:
  1. In your system tray, which is usually at the bottom right of your computer screen, right-click the McAfee icon. The icon appears as an M, a shield, or both.
  2. Select Scan.
  3. Select the type of scan you want to run:
    • Quick Scan - Scan only the most susceptible parts of your computer for known threats.
    • Full Scan - Scan your entire computer for known threats.
    • Let Me Choose - Use a Windows Explorer-style window to manually select the drives, folders, and other locations you want to scan.
  4. Select Start
  5. When the scan finishes, a window appears with details of the scan. To see the scan results of any suspicious files, select View Results. If View Results doesn’t display, then the computer is virus free.

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