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Getting started with AT&T Fiber takes a little time, but with blazing-fast internet speeds, we think you’ll appreciate the time it takes!

AT&T Fiber installation

Professional technician

AT&T Fiber® installation may require a technician to come to your home, even if you already have other AT&T services. Fiber services require different types of cable and equipment, and the technician will upgrade our internet lines to your home to be sure you have our most up-to-date fiber technology.

Installation time

AT&T Fiber typically takes from four to six hours to be fully installed. Installation can include replacing existing copper wiring with new fiber lines that will provide you with our best internet experience.


When your AT&T Fiber internet service is installed, we may need to provide you with a new Wi-Fi® gateway. Our technician will also complete an In-Home Wi-Fi assessment (PDF, 156KB). This helps identify the best placement of your Wi-Fi gateway. Plus, it shows how Wi-Fi extenders can help give you better coverage. If you choose, we’ll set you up with Extended Wi-Fi Coverage service.

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Last updated: February 24, 2023

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