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AT&T Internet 2018 complimentary speed upgrade

Find answers to frequently asked questions about your complimentary AT&T Internet speed upgrade.


Learn more about your 2018 complimentary speed upgrade

How do I get the complimentary speed upgrade?
You don’t have to do a thing. Your service has already been upgraded, and you can enjoy it now.

Will I have to pay for this complimentary upgrade?
No. You won’t have additional costs for the 2018 complimentary speed upgrade. You’ll continue to pay the same monthly amount for your internet service.

Keep in mind: This isn’t a price guarantee. Your plan is still subject to normal price increases or changes in the future.

Why am I getting this upgrade?
This is our way of thanking you for choosing AT&T as your internet service provider.

How will the upgrade affect my AT&T Internet service?
The only change to your current service is faster internet speed.1

How will the upgrade show on my bill?
Some people may be moved to a different internet pricing plan as a result of the upgrade, but we’ll adjust your bill to make sure your monthly cost doesn’t increase. You may see a new base price on your bill, but in that case we’ll also provide you with a monthly bill credit to bring your price back to where it is today.

Here’s some differences you’ll see on your bill:
  • Your new plan and its price. 
  • A monthly bill credit for the difference between the price of your new plan and your original plan.
  • If you have an equipment fee, you’ll now see it in the internet section. 

What if I don’t see a bill credit for my internet plan price difference?
If you don’t see a monthly bill credit, contact us.

What happens if AT&T raises the price for internet service in the future?
We’ll apply any future normal rate increase to the cost of your upgraded plan, but you’ll still get the monthly bill credit for the 2018 complimentary speed upgrade.

What if I'm not interested in faster speed?
This offer increases your speed without increasing what you pay each month. And, it doesn't expire, which means you'll continue to enjoy faster speeds. If we still haven't convinced you, just give us a call and we’ll return you to your old speed plan.

Do I have restrictions associated with my complimentary speed upgrade?
  • You can’t combine your complimentary speed upgrade with some offers.
  • To keep the complimentary speed upgrade, be sure to maintain uninterrupted service and stay in good standing on your internet plan. 
  • To keep special discounted bundle pricing, be sure to keep a qualifying bundle. 

How can I be sure my Wi-Fi gateway can handle the new speed?
Your Wi-F gateway automatically adjusts to your upgraded speed. If you have any problems, just restart your gateway to help it run more efficiently.

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