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Get gateway and Fixed Wireless Internet info

Every AT&T Wi-Fi gateway and Fixed Wireless Internet outdoor wireless antenna has a label with identifying info. Learn how to read yours.


Find your internet gateway label info

Note: Gateway labels may vary based on model. 

On the left side of the label you'll find:
  • SN: the Wi-Fi® gateway serial number
  • PN: the Wi-Fi gateway part number
  • MAC: the Wi-Fi gateway MAC address used for advanced configurations
Gateway label

On the right side of the Wi-Fi gateway label, you’ll find your:
  • Wi-Fi network name and password
  • Model number
  • Link for Advanced Device Configuration
  • Device Access Code.

Get your Fixed Wireless Internet antenna info

No need to go outside to get info about your Fixed Wireless Internet outdoor antenna.
Here’s what to do:
  1. Go to your gateway settings page. (Make sure you connect to your home network either by Ethernet or Wi-Fi.)
  2. Select the Settings tab. This section contains info like the manufacturer, model, and serial number. This is the same info that’s located on the side of your Wi-Fi gateway.
  3. Scroll to Account Information to find the IMEI of your outdoor antenna.