Set content controls with Smart Home Manager

Find out how to manage access to your internet. Create profiles, set time limits, and pause or restart internet for specific devices.

Control your internet access

Smart Home Manager comes with content controls on select Wi-Fi® gateways and All-Fi™ Hubs. These include the BGW320, BGW210, NVG599, Pace 5268AC, and All-Fi™ Hub (CGW450). You can use content controls to:

  • Create profiles: Assign devices to users on your Wi-Fi network.
  • Pause internet access: Turn off internet access by profile or device.
  • Set time limits: Schedule internet use restrictions by a specific profile.

FYI: If you have ActiveArmorSM advanced internet security, you can use web and content filters to limit unwanted content for a specific profile, including kids and teens. You can also filter by categories such as entertainment and leisure or weapons and crime. (Advanced internet security is only available with the BGW320.)

Don’t have the AT&T Smart Home Manager app yet? Download it from the App store or Google Play.


Last updated: October 27, 2023

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