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Learn about AT&T Internet Security with ActiveArmor

Help your connected devices stay safe with AT&T Internet Security or AT&T Internet Security Advanced.


About Internet Security

AT&T Internet Security with ActiveArmorSM is network security available through your AT&T Wi-Fi® gateway. It helps protect your connected devices, both wired and Wi-Fi.

Some devices may have antivirus apps or software to protect them. Other types of connected devices may not be as secure. If not properly protected, smart TVs, doorbell cameras, voice assistants, and others can make your Wi-Fi network vulnerable.

Internet Security detects threats, suspicious internet activity, and unsafe behavior while also protecting your devices and network.


You can get AT&T Internet Security if you have:
  • AT&T Smart Home Manager to manage AT&T Internet Security features
  • AT&T Fiber plan based on current speed
  • BGW210 or BGW320 Wi-Fi gateway
If you meet these requirements, you’ll see an AT&T Internet Security card in Smart Home Manager. You can review the Terms & Conditions and install AT&T Internet Security from there.

Haven't used Smart Home Manager yet? You can get all your network connections info right at your fingertips. Manage your network using Smart Home Manager from your computer. Or, download the app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

How it works

AT&T Internet Security scans your network traffic. This way, it can help protect your devices. Smart Home Manager will let you know about:
  • Device weaknesses
  • Known default device passwords (often found on printers and scanners)
  • Unsecure or unsafe websites
  • Suspicious network traffic between a device and the internet
  • Ongoing prevented network attacks
We suggest using antivirus software like AT&T AntiVirus Plus powered by MacAfee for additional protection. Antivirus software protects your devices from infected emails, software, or file download USB sticks, or other storage devices.

Internet Security Advanced

Have a BGW320 and Smart Home Manager? You may be eligible for Internet Security Advanced which also includes:
  • Private browsing with VPN
  • ID monitoring
  • Advanced content controls
  • Threat activity visualization
Important: Internet Security Advanced is only available on a limited basis.
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