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Watch college football

Keep up with college football teams on U-verse TV or on your mobile device using the U-verse app.


Find team schedules, networks, and channels

Want to know about the college games on the SEC Network, Pac-12 Networks, Big Ten Network, and more? Check out your team's schedule on

College football on U-verse TV
NetworksChannelsOther info
Local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC affiliatesCheck your program guide for channel info.Local channels are available with any core TV package, including U-basic.
Big Ten Network (BTN)650 SD, 1650 HDAlso available on U200 and above
ESPN602 SD, 1602 HD
603 SD, N/A HD
604 SD, 1604 HD
605 SD, 1605 HD
606 SD, 1606 HD
Also available on:
FOX College Sports (FCS)
  • Big 12
  • Big East
  • Big West
  • Conference USA
  • Ivy League
  • Pac-12
  • More conferences
647 SD – Atlantic
648 SD – Central
649 SD – Pacific
Also available on U450 nationally
FOX Sports 1
  • Big 12
  • Conference USA
  • Pac-12
  • Big Ten Championship
651 SD, 1651 HD
652 SD, 1652 HD
Also available on U200 and above
Longhorn Network611 SD, 1611 HDAlso available on:
  • U100 and above in Texas
  • U200 and above nationally
Pac-12 Networks759 SD, 1759 HD
760 SD, 1760 HD
761 SD, 1761 HD
Also available on:
  • U100 in Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • U300 in California
  • U450 nationally
TV plan restrictions may apply, make sure to check availability in your area.
SEC Network607 SD, 1607 HDAlso available on:
  • U20 in SEC states
  • U300 and above for other markets
TV plan restrictions may apply, make sure to check availability in your area.

Things to know

  • For access to college football games on your smartphone or tablet, get the free U-verse app.
    • Content may vary by device, TV plan, or viewing location.
    • The app requires a qualifying device, U200 or higher TV plan, and a Wi-Fi® or data connection.
    • Data charges may apply.
  • From the comfort of your living room using your remote, you can add HD programming or upgrade your TV package. Find out how to change your service
  • Some HD sports programs aren’t available 24/7 and are subject to in-market availability and blackouts
  • Out-of-market regional sports channels don't provide access to out-of-market games. 
  • League guidelines and areas determine game availability.

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