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Accessibility and navigation with the U-verse app

Visually impaired can use the U-verse app on smart devices which have accessibility features and touch exploration to stay connected to their TV.


Accessibility, navigation, and U-verse app features

Smart device accessibility features provide verbal and motion feedback for visually impaired users. Instructions for enabling Samsung Voice Assistant are given below; enablement steps for accessibility features on other devices are similar.

Enable Samsung Voice Assistant
  1. On the device Home screen, tap Apps then Settings then Accessibility, and then Vision on the right. 
  2. Tap Voice Assistant, then touch the slider to turn it from off to on.
  3. Tap OK to continue and allow Voice Assistant permissions to the device. 
  4. Tap OK to turn Voice Assistant on and turn off the features that cannot be on at the same time. A tutorial will display.
  5. Double tap Next, then Finish to go through the tutorial, or tap the Back button twice to quit.

Navigating with Voice Assistant

Once the Voice Assistant feature is enabled, you’ll need to touch the screen with two fingers to navigate or select an item.

Basic touch exploration
  • To explore by touch, slowly drag one finger around the screen. Voice Assistant announces the icons, buttons, and other items as you drag your finger over them.
  • When you discover an item you'd like to select, double-tap anywhere on the screen to select.

Linear navigation
To explore your screen one item at a time, swipe left or right to move through the items.

Basic gestures
  • Use two fingers to scroll through a page or menu. 
  • To move to next item on the screen – Swipe Right.
  • To move to the previous item on the screen – Swipe Left.
  • Cycle through navigation settings – Swipe up or down.
  • Select an item – Double Tap anywhere on the screen.

Additional setting options
There are other settings related to Voice Assistant you may want to adjust. From Accessibility – Voice Assistant, the Settings button will appear on the right above the slider. You can tap Settings to set up volume, speech rate, etc.

U-verse app page location and information

Note: Your U-verse TV receiver must first be set to allow communication and control from the U-verse app. Make sure your U-verse TV receiver is correctly paired with the app.

The U-verse app is fully screen reader accessible to help guide you through the different options on your smart device. The main icons are found at the top of the U-verse app on the Samsung tablet used in these descriptions. Your smart device may have similar features with the screen menus and icons arranged differently.

My U-verse: When you open the U-verse app, the default screen is My U-verse. This recommends features for you on your device or connected receiver.
  • You’ll find three recommended choices, along with additional content organized in rows titled On Now, On Next, On Demand, and more. 
  • Select the show you like and then press Watch

Navigation menu: In the top left of the screen, select the Navigation menu to choose My U-verse, Guide, Recordings, On Demand, More From AT&T, and Settings.

Guide: In the top left Navigation menu, select Guide to browse TV listings. At the top right of the Guide screen, filter by Live, HD, or Favorites.

Navigate the Guide:
  • Scroll up or down for TV listings on now. 
  • Scroll left to find what is on later. 
  • Scroll right to get back to the current time listings.
  • If you select a program, the show detail screen will appear.

Once the show detail screen appears, choose how to watch:
  • At the top right directly below the Search, Live, and Remote Control icons, select the Watch Live button. There are three dots which allow you to Watch Live now on your device, or Watch On the TV you are currently connected to in the app. 
  • If you can only watch on your connected TV, the button will say Watch On and the three dots will not display. 
  • The button below Watch/Watch On is Record which will allow you to save the program to your in-home DVR.

Recordings: In the top left Navigation menu, select Recordings. On the top left of the Recordings screen, there are two headings: Recorded and Scheduled. Use these to view or manage your saved shows.
  • When you select a show, you can use the on-screen controls to Watch Recorded On the connected TV. 
  • Choose Settings to Delete Episode, Delete Series, or change Recording Options.

On Demand: In the top left Navigation menu, select On Demand. Then use the icons at the top to browse by TV Shows, Movies, Networks, or Watched. Choose an On-Demand show and tap WATCH On Demand to begin playing on your device.

Search: At the top right of the My U-verse screen, select Search. This allows you to find features by entering channel, actor, and program names.

Live: At the top right of the My U-verse screen, select Live to stream live TV channels on your device. The channel guide will come up so you can choose a show to watch. Many, but not all, channels are available to watch on a smart device.

Remote: At the top right of the My U-verse screen, select Remote. This can be used to control a paired in-home receiver and has many of the same buttons as your TV remote. You can:
  • Change channels 
  • Turn on/off secondary audio or closed captioning 
  • Record the show you are watching 
  • Pause the TV 
  • Rewind/fast forward

More options and information: At the top right of the My U-verse screen, select the three dots next to Remote for more options. Here you can choose Settings, Receivers, or FAQ.
  • Settings takes you to a menu which includes Preferences where you can set things such as Parental Controls. 
  • Receivers shows you the receivers in your home that are connected or allows you to connect a receiver. 
  • FAQ shows where you can find additional information about the AT&T U-verse app.

Note: The U-verse app is available at no additional charge with a qualifying U-verse TV package and a Wi-Fi or data connection. The app works with smart phones, tablets, and wearables, and can be found in Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon app stores. Or, you can download the app straight to your smartphone by texting the word Mobile to 3421. Streaming content may vary by device, TV plan, and viewing location. Also, the app user interface on various smart device screens may differ.

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