Install a fax machine for use with Phone

Learn about installation options for your new fax machine.

Add a fax machine to your digital phone setup

Most commonly used fax machines are compatible with Phone service.

Set up of your fax machine will depend upon how your Phone is installed:
  • Full technician installation: With this option, the technician will ensure that all the jacks connected to your Phone line/telephone number are active in your home. You should plug your fax machine into the existing wall jack.
  • Self-installation (plug & play): With this option, your fax machine should be plugged directly into the back of the W-Fi gateway included in your self-installation kit.

Your fax machine should be located near your gateway. Consult your fax machine's user guide for instructions on how to run the phone line between your gateway, fax machine, and telephone.

If you would prefer to have a dedicated line for your fax machine, you can add an additional voice line for $18.00/month. To add an additional line, sign in to your myAT&T account and select Change Plan.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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