Learn about AT&T Voicemail Viewer

Choose which voicemail to listen to first. Just use a wireless device to access your home phone messages.

Get the app

Download the AT&T Voicemail Viewer app to your qualifying iOS® or Android® device. You can then listen to your voicemail messages or even read them as text.

Voicemail Viewer is only compatible with AT&T Voicemail or AT&T Unified Messaging  services.

Supported devices and operating systems

Voicemail Viewer for iOS is supported as follows:
  • iPhone® (iOS 11.0 or higher)
  • iPad® (iOS 11.0 or higher)
  • iPod Touch® (iOS 11.0 or higher)

Use the home version for your personal account. Choose the work version if you’re a business user with authorized access to Voicemail Viewer. Standard data usage charges may apply.

Voicemail Viewer for Android is supported as follows:
  • HTC® (OS 4.4 or higher)
  • LG (OS 4.4 or higher)
  • Motorola® (OS 4.4 or higher)
  • Samsung (OS 4.4 or higher)

Voicemail Viewer doesn't work with all Android devices or all software versions. Standard data usage charges may apply.

Sign in to Voicemail Viewer

First, make sure you've set up your AT&T Voicemail.

Then, sign in to the app with your 10-digit home telephone number and the 6-10 digit PIN associated with your AT&T Voicemail account.
Last updated: May 8, 2023

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