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Important information about your AT&T Phone order

Prepare for the installation of your AT&T Phone service with this need to know information.


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Read below for what to expect with your new AT&T Phone service:

AT&T PhoneWhat to expect
Phone iconAT&T Phone
  • Wait to contact your current provider until after we install your Phone service.
  • If AT&T is installing, you will receive a reminder 1–2 days before your installation date. A technician will call the day of your scheduled install.
    • If there is no answer on the day of install, the technician reschedules.
    • The average time for installation is four hours, but can vary based on your order or complex wiring needs in your home.
    • If you do not own your premises, obtain any necessary permission to allow AT&T to use the wiring inside your unit and to make alterations to the property if needed for installation prior to your installation date.
    • Make sure all connections for your TV/computers are visible, because your installer does not move furniture.
  • If installing yourself, only phones connected directly to the gateway will work. Professional installation, for a fee, may be required for other jacks in your home to work.
    • If you are concerned about your Phone service working during a power outage, you will need to purchase a battery backup. If you have a compatible battery backup unit at time of installation, AT&T will install it at no charge. If you are interested in battery backup, please visit
    • For all jacks to work in your home, certain requirements must be met.
  • If you have a home monitor/alarm, AT&T recommends you notify your alarm company of your switch to AT&T Phone service and your scheduled installation date for your alarm company to test and check the status of your alarm system with you prior to installation and once installation is complete. If your telephone number changes, you will need to notify your alarm company to update your account with the new telephone number. Failure to notify your alarm company of a change of service or new telephone number could potentially impact your home alarm contract.

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