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Physical device damage not covered by warranty

Learn what physical damage voids the warranty on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Includes images and examples.




View physical damage not covered by warranty

Before you begin

Understand warranty exchange guidelines
If your device does not show signs of the physical damage described below, nor liquid damage described in liquid damage not covered by warranty, you may be eligible for a replacement device. Refer to exchange device under warranty for details on warranty coverage.

Review these exceptions
Some manufacturers may exchange or repair your device at no cost to you. For example:
  • HTC One M9 UH-OH Protection - If your screen is cracked or have water damage on a new HTC One M9 within the first 12 months of ownership, contact HTC Customer Support at 866.449.8358 or live chat at to see if you may be eligible for a replacement.
  • HTC One Advantage Program - If your screen is broken on a new HTC One, HTC One Mini, or HTC One Max, contact HTC Customer Support at 866.449.8358 or live chat at to see if you may be eligible for a screen replacement.
  • Broken Samsung Galaxy charging port cover - If the rubber charging port cover on your Samsung Galaxy S 5, Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active, Samsung Galaxy S 4, or Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active breaks, call Samsung Customer Care at 888.987.4357 to ask about repair options.
  • Sonim devices - Sonim offers a 3-year warranty after the purchase date. Sonim's warranty covers liquid, physical & mechanical damage (i.e. screen cracks).
    • If you've had your Sonim XP6 for 0-12 months, contact us for troubleshooting and warranty support.
    • If you've had your Sonim XP6 for 13-36 months, contact Sonim online warranty support or call Sonim at 888.858.9460.

Damage examples

The following categories are considered physical damage and unfortunately not covered by the manufacturer warranty. If you return a device with any of these signs, you will be charged the total sales price of the replacement device and your damaged device will be returned to you.

Damaged screen
Not covered by warranty.
  • Cracked screen
    cracked screen
  • Shattered screen
    shattered screen
  • Chipped screen
    chipped screen

Damaged or corroded ports
Not covered by warranty.
  • Damaged port - Charging port or connector is bent, broken or loose.
    damaged port
    damaged port
  • Corroded port - Charging port or connector has come in contact with a liquid causing corrosion (i.e. discoloration).
    corroded port
Here's a sample of a clean, undamaged port without corrosion. This would be covered by warranty.
clean and undamaged port

Deep gouges or scratches on display or casing
Not covered by warranty.
deep scratches

Cracked or damaged frame
Not covered by warranty.
  • Cracked frame - Large cracks in the frame.
    cracked frame
  • Damaged frame - Not covered by warranty.
    damaged frame
Excessive dings
Not covered by warranty.
excessive dings

Discolored display
Not covered by warranty.
discolored display
See image and note that even though the liquid damage indicator is valid, the display shows smears or waves that are below the surface, indicating the device screen was damaged by liquid.

Missing Warranty label
The warranty label inside your device must be intact and in place for your device to be covered by warranty.
missing warranty label
Broken body
Not covered by warranty.
broken phone body
Missing screws
Not covered by warranty (evidence that device has been tampered with).
missing screws
Missing keys or buttons
Not covered by warranty.
missing keys
Unapproved additions
Not covered by warranty. For example:
  • Any unapproved device modifications. (i.e. casing must be the original casing device came with).
    modified button
    Image shows modified button on device.
  • Paint, decals or other non-manufacturer faceplates or modifications to the device.
    sticker on phone
    Image shows decals and stickers.

Replace device

If your device is covered by warranty, refer to exchange device under warranty.

If your device is not covered by warranty due to physical or liquid damage, here are some options to replace your damaged device:

Last updated: March 3, 2021

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