Give the gift of AT&T wireless

Learn ways you can give someone the gift of a new AT&T device, accessory, gift card, or make a payment (refill) on an AT&T PREPAID balance.

Ways to give the gift of AT&T wireless or AT&T PREPAID

Purchase AT&T gift cards
AT&T wireless or AT&T PREPAIDSM (formerly GoPhone®) gift cards in $25, $50 and $100 increments can be purchased at any AT&T store or kiosk. Find a store near you or for more information, find out how to use AT&T gift cards.

Upgrade a phone on your account
For the family member or friend on your account, surprise them with a new smartphone. If their phone is not upgrade eligible, learn how to transfer an upgrade with another phone on your account.

Add a new iPad, tablet, or wearable to your account
You can purchase and add a device to your account. For more information, learn how to buy a device and add a line.

Buy device accessories online
Just choose your accessories and get standard shipping or in-store pickup - at no extra cost. Make sure to sign in with your user ID rather than your phone number.

Shop for an AT&T PREPAID device
You can buy an AT&T PREPAID device and activate the service, but the lucky recipient decides how they pay - monthly, daily or by the minute.

Make a payment on an AT&T PREPAID balance
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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