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Transfer device upgrade eligibility

Find out how to transfer device upgrade eligibility to another line on your wireless account.


What to know

  • If a line on your account is eligible to upgrade, you may be able to transfer that upgrade to another line on the same account. 
  • You have to go an AT&T store or call us to transfer your eligibility. 
  • Only the account owner, retail authorized user, or authenticated caller can transfer an upgrade. Learn more about user permissions
  • The transferring and receiving lines must have the same type of device. For example, you can transfer a smartphone upgrade to another line with a smartphone, but you can't transfer it to a line with a tablet.

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If your smartphone isn’t on an installment plan

When you transfer upgrade eligibility to another line on your account:
  • The line transferring the upgrade must accept any installment terms currently on the line getting the upgrade.
  • You must upgrade the receiving line’s device during the transfer process.

For example, a mother is eligible for an upgrade, but her son needs a new phone. Her son has 6 months left on his installment plan.
  • The mother transfers her eligibility to her son’s line. She then assumes the remaining 6 months of the installment plan on her line.
  • The son upgrades to a new smartphone with a new AT&T Installment Plan or AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up℠.

If your smartphone is on an installment plan with a balance

Before you can transfer upgrade eligibility to someone on your account, you have to do one of the following:
  • Pay off the balance.
  • Trade it in, if you have an eligible plan.
Find out if your plan is trade-in and upgrade eligible – and learn how to upgrade early

When you transfer your upgrade eligibility, you:
  • Must trade it in from the transferring line within 14 days. Learn more about trade-in and upgrade requirements.
  • Can replace your phone by buying a device outright or bringing your own device.

For example, a mother is eligible for an upgrade and an installment balance, but her son needs a new phone. Plus, he has 3 months remaining on his installment plan.
  • The mother gives the son her upgrade eligibility and acquires the remaining 3 months of his installment plan. She trades up her current smartphone and brings an older smartphone that she already owns.
  • The son gets a new smartphone on an installment plan. The new installment plan is attached to his line.
Last updated: July 22, 2019

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