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Manage data only plan

Learn how to change, renew, or cancel a data only plan. We’ll also show you how to change the password and check the balance of a DataConnect Pass account.


How to manage a data only plan online

Before you begin

If using an iPad, learn how to manage a data plan from your iPad.

Renew, change, or cancel data plan

Follow these steps to manage a monthly postpaid or prepaid data plan for your data-only device. Note: To remove the device from a monthly postpaid plan or cancel a monthly data plan, you need to contact us.

Monthly postpaid data plan
  1. Sign in to myAT&T to change your monthly postpaid data plan.
  2. Select My wireless > Manage my plan or See my plan and features.
  3. Follow the prompts to add or change your plan

Prepaid DataConnect Pass plan
  1. Sign in to your DataConnect Pass account from: 
  2. From the Account Overview page, select Add/Edit Domestic Data Plan or Cancel Plan.
  3. Follow the prompts to add (renew), change, or cancel plan. If canceling auto renew: 
    • Selecting Cancel Auto Renew will deactivate auto renew and the account is cancelled after 60-days of inactivity.
    • Selecting Cancel Plan/Account Now will immediately cancel the account and any remaining data will be lost. 

Note: You don't need to use the same credit card you initially used when signing up when you renew your DataConnect Pass.

Additional steps

Reset DataConnect Pass account password
If you forgot the password for your DataConnect Pass account select a link below. Then, select the link Forgot your password and follow the prompts to reset.

Check DataConnect Pass balance and expiration date
DataConnect Pass plans include an amount of prepaid wireless data with an expiration date.
  • Once all the data is used, or the expiration date passes, you’ll need to buy a new DataConnect Pass plan.
  • Even when your device isn't transmitting or receiving data or all the data hasn’t been used, the expiration period remains in effect.
  • If you buy another DataConnect Pass, it’s not effective until all previous data is used, or until after the expiration date. 

To check DataConnect Pass balance and expiration date:

  1. Sign in to your DataConnect Pass account using one the these links:
  2. From the Account Overview screen, locate Status to view data amount used and Billing Period to view expiration date.

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