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Buy online and pick up at the store

Order online and you can pick it up at the store. Plus, find out what to bring when you pick it up.


Place wireless order and check store availability

You can place an order and pick it up curbside within two hours, free.1 Here’s how to order:
  1. Shop smartphones and choose a new device or accessory.
  2. Select Check in-store availability to make sure you can pick it up.
  3. Confirm or enter the ZIP Code for the store where you'd like to pick up the order.
  4. Choose your preferred location
  5. Follow the prompts to check out and submit your order.
  6. Wait until you get our email before you head to the store. We’ll let you know when your order’s ready to pick up.
FYI: We’ll authorize your debit, credit, or gift card when you place your order online. The total due will be calculated and charged at the store. If your order isn’t picked up in three days, we’ll cancel it.

Get pickup info

You’ll get an email with pickup instructions when your order is ready. If you arrive too early, your order might not be ready, and you’ll have to come back later.

Who can pick up an order
Only the account owner or an authorized user can pick up an order. Want someone else to do it? Make them an authorized user first.
Heads up: If you have a new account, only the account owner can pick it up. 

What to know about picking up an order
  • Bring these with you:
    • A valid driver's license, government-issued ID, or passport
    • The credit or debit card you used to place your order
    • Your old account number if you're transferring from another service provider
    • Your old phone so we can transfer the data to your new phone
  • Save time by scheduling an appointment.
  • Avoid making any account changes until after you pick up your order.
Make sure to pick your order up within three days. After that, we’ll cancel it.

How to pick up your order at curbside

Tap I’m here on the Order details page or open your Ready for Pickup email. Then answer a few questions to let us know where to find you. If you don’t have your device handy, you’ll have to pick up in-store.

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