Understand international Usage Alerts

If you travel internationally with your AT&T wireless device, we may send you usage alerts. Learn how to keep international data usage predictable.

Plan before you travel

Additional alert information

Types of international alerts
The following alerts are free courtesy alerts.  There is no guarantee that you'll receive them. They're not a guarantee of a particular bill limit.

  • Welcome Alert: A text message is sent to your device when it is registered abroad. If you leave the country without adding an international or travel package, we may send you a text message offering you the opportunity to purchase an AT&T Passport package simply by responding to the text.
  • Data Usage Alerts: An email and a text message may be sent when you have reached $100 and $300 of pay-per-use or overage charges.

Important international alerts information
A data service suspension may occur when you reach $500 in a bill cycle. Call Support Outside the U.S. if you wish to continue using data after receiving an alert.

Last updated: May 20, 2024

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