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With ProTech, it’s a snap to get help with your device. Just phone their experts or go to to get fast access to support. You can also get the AT&T Photo StorageTechSM app at the website. It's all included when you sign up for AT&T Protect Advantage for 1, Protect Advantage for 4, or Mobile Protection for AT&T PrepaidSM.

Don’t have device protection? You can sign up now if you’re within 30 days of your activation or upgrade date. Get device protection for wireless or AT&T Prepaid.

ProTech support
ProTech experts provide personalized support so you can get the most out of your device. They can help:
  • Set up your new phone and connect it to your car, wireless speakers, and Wi-Fi® enabled devices and accessories.
  • Transfer your content from one device to another.
  • Find the latest apps to customize your device.

It’s easy to connect with ProTech experts. For wireless help, call 866.562.8662. For AT&T Prepaid support, call 866.727.1998.

Or, try these services at
  • Chat with or call a tech support expert 
  • Use self-help tools like streaming and battery scans 
  • Get self-help tips customized for your device

Photo Storage app
With the Photo Storage app1, to manage, store, and share photos and videos. You’ll get:
  • Secure storage for photos and videos
  • Automatic backup of your photos and videos2 at full resolution
  • 50GB of storage if you have Protect Advantage for 1 or Protect Advantage for 4 or Mobile Protection for AT&T Prepaid.

Get the Photo Storage app for iOS or Android.

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Last updated: April 25, 2023

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