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Understand how wireless usage is billed

Find out how you’re billed for your wireless data, talk, and text use.


Learn how wireless usage billing works

How you're billed for wireless usage depends on your plan. Sign in to view and compare your plan.

To view details of what's included with your current plan, learn how to view your Customer Service Summary.

Understanding data usage overages

If you need more high-speed data before the end of your bill period, you can change to another plan. Learn about AT&T unlimited plans.

For data plans with overage charges

  • For each use of data, the data usage is rounded up to the nearest MB for all devices on your plan.
  • If the shared usage exceeds your monthly plan allotment (plus any available other data allotments such as Rollover Data), you will be automatically provided with additional data which will be charged as overage data in accordance with your rate plan.
  • Overage data must be used in the billing period it is provided and does not roll over. Please see your Customer Service Summary to view your overage charge rate. 

Charges for talk and text usage

Talk and text usage included in your plan

Sign in to view your usage now.
  • If your plan does not include unlimited talk, your voice usage is rounded up to the nearest minute and if you exceed your plan voice allotment and any available Rollover Minutes, we will calculate Anytime Minute overages. You will be billed at your overage charge per minute for these overage minutes. Please view your Customer Service Summary for your overage charge per minute.
  • If your plan does not include unlimited text, you will be charged for each message that exceeds your messaging allotment. Charges apply for each text/picture/video message sent and received that exceeds your plan's limit. If you don't have a messaging plan, pay-per-use rates apply. Please see your Customer Service Summary to see your overage and pay-per-use rates.

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