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Set up Advanced Messaging

Send high-resolution pictures and longer videos. See when your messages and chats are delivered and read using Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Quick answer

Am I able to use Advanced Messaging with my current phone and plan? Am I able to use Advanced Messaging with my current phone and plan?

What do I get with Advanced Messaging? What do I get with Advanced Messaging?

How do I use Advanced Messaging? How do I use Advanced Messaging?

Advanced Messaging vs. traditional messaging

Our Advanced Messaging experience, Rich Communication Services (RCS), offers features like read and delivery receipts, is typing notifications, large file transfers, and group chats. Advanced Messaging RCS is available for a growing list of popular smartphones. Look for more phones to be added in the future.

Advanced Messaging RCS varies by smartphone and software version.
FeatureText messagingAdvanced Messaging RCS
Delivery receipts Yes
Read receipts Yes
Typing notifications Yes
File sharing up to 1MBYes 
File sharing up to 100MB Yes
Group message up to 20 contactsYes 
Group chat up to 100 contacts Yes
Open group chat (others can leave or be added to the same thread) Yes

When you upgrade from a current Advanced Messaging RCS smartphone to a new smartphone featuring Messages by Google:
  • We suggest you use Samsung Smart Switch or other transferring applications to move messages from your current Samsung device to your new one if you don’t choose Copy apps & data during initial device setup. Smart Switch is in the app section in the Samsung folder.
  • You can copy text, picture, multimedia, and RCS messages from your old Samsung device to your new one.
  • You should know that AT&T Messages Backup & Sync (AMBS) isn’t compatible with Messages by Google.
Good to know: If you downloaded Messages by Google from Google Play Store on your previous smartphone, you may need to first de-register from Google RCS to accelerate setup with AT&T RCS Advanced Messaging on your new smartphone:
  • Enter your phone number at Messages by Google’s Disable Chat page.
  • Open the Messages app, go into Messages settings, then Chat features, and toggle on Enable chat features.

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