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How Advanced Messaging is billed

Each part of an Advanced Message is counted separately for billing, based on your existing rate plan. This may impact billing for capped or pay-per-use plans.


How you are billed for Advanced Messaging

Advanced Messaging billing1
Standard MMS and SMS rates apply based on your current AT&T rate plan. If you’re on a plan that includes unlimited texts you won’t be billed any additional charges for Advanced Messaging.

Each text/file attachment is charged as a separate SMS/MMS. If you have limited messages or pay-per-use, you’ll be billed at your current messaging rates. If you send a message with multiple attachments, each attachment as well as your text is counted and billed separately. 

Example: if you type a text message and attach a photo and a video, it’s billed as three messages (1 SMS and 2 MMS). Files can be photos, videos, contacts, calendar items or any other attachment.

Device screen displaying text, a photo, and a video divided into separate messages
Note: Screen images are simulated and for demonstrative purposes only.
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Additional steps

Learn more about Advanced Messaging 
Advanced Messaging enhances your messaging experience with features that let you know when messages are delivered and read. You can see when the other person is typing a reply.

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