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Learn about smartphone installment plans

Get info about the AT&T Installment Plan and the AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up. Learn how to pay off your plan or cancel Next Up.

Compare smartphone installment plans

Instead of paying full price up front for a new phone, you can choose to pay with low monthly installment plan payments. You’ll get the latest phone for as low as $0 down with no interest or finance fees.

AT&T Installment Plan

You make 36 monthly installment plan payments. When your device is paid in full, you can upgrade. You won’t need to trade in your old smartphone, unless you’re taking advantage of a promotion that requires it. The installment plan balance may be paid off in full at any time.

AT&T Installment Plan with Next UpSM

With the AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up, you make 36 monthly installment payments, and for an extra $6 per month, you get the option to upgrade early.1 You can upgrade when 50% of the phone is paid off and the smartphone is turned in. (The $6 per month Next Up charge doesn’t apply toward the installment plan balance you owe on your phone.)

You don’t have to wait to pay installments equal to 50% of the price of the smartphone. You can upgrade even earlier if you pay up with a lump sum amount to reach 50% of the smartphone price. Remember, you’ll have to turn in your current smartphone or start the turn-in process online before you can upgrade early with Next Up.

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Last updated: May 9, 2024

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