Set up and use AT&T Wireless Internet

Learn how to use your wireless internet device. There's no phone jack, internet connection, or professional setup required.

Get started

When setting up your AT&T Wireless device, choose an area with a strong wireless signal (four full bars). You should also install the device’s backup battery.
  1. Turn your device on.
  2. Unplug your phone from the wall jack. Plug it into the back of the device.
  3. Place a test call from your connected home phone. Be sure to include the area code.
  4. Connect to the internet (requires an AT&T Wireless Internet data plan).
Manage your account
To manage your Wireless Internet account, sign in to myAT&T. Want the convenience of managing your account on the go? Get the myAT&T app. Text and data rates may apply for download and use.

Having connection issues?
For best results, place the cordless phone base at least one foot away from the device. You can go to AT&T Wireless Internet and look in the Good to Know section for more tips.

Learn about AT&T Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet uses the AT&T mobile network. You can connect up to 20 enabled devices, like tablets, smartphones, and laptops, to your Wireless Internet device.
Last updated: February 7, 2023

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