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The stuff on your phone is important. Secure your device and personal data with the free AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security app.


AT&T ActiveArmorSM mobile security is free with your AT&T Wireless® or AT&T Prepaid® service.

Advanced mobile security is included at no extra charge with our AT&T Unlimited Premium®, Unlimited ExtraSM, and Unlimited Elite® (no longer sold) wireless plans. Don’t have one of these plans? You can purchase advanced mobile security for $3.99 per month.


Eligibility and requirements

To use AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security, you must have:

  • AT&T Wireless or AT&T PREPAID service
  • iPhone 6 or newer with iOS version 13+ or higher or an Android smartphone with OS 11+ or higher purchased through AT&T

FYI: If you have a business account, check with your account manager for eligibility and requirement details.

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Last updated: September 13, 2023

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