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Get info about device unlock eligibility

What to know about unlocking your AT&T phone, tablet, or mobile hotspot.


Before you unlock a device, make sure:

  • Your device isn’t reported as lost, stolen, or involved with fraud.
  • You don’t have a past-due balance.
  • Your device isn’t active on another AT&T account.
  • Have a business account with a 2-year contract? Wait 30 days to unlock any devices that you upgrade early. 
  • An AT&T PREPAIDSM device has been active for at least 6 months.
  • You have your company’s permission if you want to unlock your business-owned device.

Is your device on an installment plan or term agreement? Make sure you meet these requirements, too:

  • Your device has had active service for at least 60 days.
  • You pay off your installment plan.
    • If you pay it off on your monthly bill: Submit your unlock request at the start of your next statement bill period.
    • If you pay it off early: Submit your unlock request 24 hours after your payment.
  • You complete your contract or term agreement.

Good to know: 
  • If you have a dual SIM device with both lines on our network, these requirements apply to both lines.
  • iPads® and wearables are unlocked so you don’t need to submit an unlock request for them. 
  • On active duty? When you submit an unlock request, we’ll ask for your temporary or permanent change of station (TCS or PCS) military documents. You don’t have to complete your installment plan or contract to be eligible to unlock your device.
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How can I fix my AT&T device unlock issue?
Try these 3 steps:
  1. Submit a device unlock request.
  2. Confirm if your request was approved.
  3. Get device-specific steps on how to unlock your device.

Find detailed info about the steps to unlock your device

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