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Buy accessories on an installment plan

Getting the latest accessories can be hassle-free with convenient monthly payments. Sign up at an AT&T store.

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What accessories can I buy on an installment plan?

Can I trade in an accessory on an installment plan?


Get your accessories now

Want to buy accessories on an installment plan? Head to an AT&T store. If you’re eligible, you’ll just pay sales tax at the point of sale. You’ll pay the remaining balance in 12 monthly installments starting on your next bill.

You can have 1 active accessory installment plan per line and up to 2 accessory installment plans per account.

Heads up: You can pay off your installment plan anytime. If you cancel a line with an accessory installment plan, the remaining installment balance is due immediately.

If you already have an installment plan and want to see it, go My bill and then View AT&T monthly subscriptions.

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