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Act now - 3G is going away in 2022

We’re phasing out our 3G network in February 2022 to make room for an even better one that will improve your experience. Find out how to get ready.


What to know about 3G going away

To bring you faster speeds and new features, we're excited to upgrade America’s best network.1  One change we’re making is shutting down our 3G network in February 2022.

Devices that will work after February 2022

Find out if your phone will still work on our new network (PDF, 468KB).

Heads up: It's important to look at the model numbers beside your device to make sure it's supported after the 3G network shuts down.
Don't see your phone make and model on the list? That means it'll no longer work by February 2022. So, you'll need to upgrade to a new one.

Devices no longer supported

We no longer activate phones that don't support HD Voice since they won't be compatible to work on our network when 3G shuts down.

SIM swap notice

If you switch your SIM card between devices, make sure the device you’re moving your SIM card to will work on our network. Want to use your original device again? First, make sure the SIM from the original device will work on our network.

Upgrade your AT&T Wireless phone

Talk and data services will only work for AT&T Wireless phones and devices that support at least 4G LTE and HD Voice. Here's how you can replace your phone:Don't want to replace your phone? Make sure you cancel any lines you don't use.

Good to know: Newer phones have many benefits. You'll get crystal-clear voice, faster download speeds, higher-resolution cameras, and more. Plus, you can enjoy AT&T Call Protect, which helps prevent robocalls.

Upgrade your AT&T PREPAID phone

Talk and data services will only work for AT&T PREPAID wireless phones and devices that support at least 4G LTE and HD Voice. Here's how to upgrade an AT&T PREPAID device:
  1. Visit one of our stores to get a new phone.
  2. Place your SIM card into the new phone. (If your SIM card doesn’t fit, get a new SIM card kit from our store.)
  3. Sign in to
  4. Select My Device, then Update Device.
  5. Follow the prompts to update your IMEI or SIM card number.
Have session-based pricing for a data-only device? After shutting down our 3G network, your data-only device will only work if it supports 4G LTE speeds and higher.

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