Add an Apple Watch to Family Setup

Set up family members with an Apple Watch so they can call, text, share photos, and more without their own iPhone.

What you need for Family Setup

  • A compatible iPhone® 6s or later with iOS 14 on an AT&T unlimited plan
  • Apple Watch® Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) or newer with WatchOS 7 with a compatible plan
  • An AT&T user ID and password
  • Your family member’s Apple ID (if they don’t have an ID, you can create one during Family Setup)
  • A family group created on your iPhone with Family Sharing

Good to know:
  • Each watch has its own phone number, voicemail, messages, and contacts.
    • Calls made to a family member’s watch won’t ring the paired iPhone.
    • Calls made to the iPhone won’t ring the Family Share watches.
  • Watches can have different mobile service providers than the paired iPhone, but you can’t buy another provider’s plan during setup. You have to purchase one before you start.
  • Have another provider and want to use AT&T WirelessSM for your watch? Visit an AT&T store or contact us.

Set up a family member’s watch

Have an existing watch you want to add to Family Share? Reset the watch before you start.
If you’re using a different mobile service provider for the watch, make sure you buy a plan before setup.
  1. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and choose Pair a Watch.
  2. Select Set up for a Family Member and follow the prompts. Make sure you set up Family Sharing first.
  3. Follow the instructions to set up mobile service on the watch.
    • Using AT&T? You’ll see AT&T in white in the Cellular Plan section.
    • Using a different provider? You’ll see the watch’s wireless provider in white in the Cellular Plan section.
  4. Review and turn on optional features to complete setup.
Want more info? Check out Apple Support: Set up an Apple Watch for a family member


Last updated: December 7, 2022

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